Wireless Doorbell with no hardwire

My house is not wired for a doorbell. I know there are plenty of wireless doorbells in the market, but I would like one that’s integrated to the panel. (I used the IQ-Doorbell in my prior home, but not an option on this one).

Is there any wireless doorbell compatible with the IQ Panel 4 (319.5)?

I have considered buying a cheapo wireless doorbell and trying to make something up with relays, power supply & the IQ- Doorbell, but it seems like too much effort, for a small return. I have enough video coverage, so adding a video camera isn’t worth it either.

Any ideas?

There are no wireless-only 319Mhz doorbells that I am aware of. 2GIG makes a 345Mhz one.

You could rig together a fairly simple solution with a push to break (normally closed) doorbell button and a sensor with a wired input like the IQ extended door window contact.

That’s definitely an easy solution, but would either need to run low voltage wire to keep the sensor at a different spot, or get a box large enough to hide the sensor & switch.

Too bad 2gig doesn’t have one in the 319.