Wireless Camera

I have a wireless camera that I wanted to integrate with my alarm panel. The Camera has an I/O Alarm connector. Do I need a cable to run to the panel or how will this connect?

As clarification for readers, only Alarm.com cameras are compatible with Alarm.com service, and the only panel that can stream camera video is the IQ Panel 2.

Now that said, I believe what you are looking for is to trigger the existing camera based on when the alarm system generates an alarm, correct?

If it is an Alarm.com camera, you could use Alarm.com Cloud Video and set up recording schedules based on system activity, no wiring required. If it is not an Alarm.com camera, you it is still an option depending on the panel model, but you would need to wire between the panel and cam.

It looks like this is in reference to the 2GIG Go!Control. You could use the open collector terminal in the panel as a trigger for the input on the cam.

You would wire the cam between Open Collector and GND on the panel terminal block, and program Q78 in the 2GIG System Configuration to activate open collector (short it to GND) on alarm events.