Wired Motions and ADC Compatible Devices

I have (had) a wired motion detector on my system via and old system co-opted through the use of a takeover module. A painter managed to whack it with a ladder. As the wires are already pulled for it, I would like to replace it with a new wired PIR that will work on the system. Does such a thing exist? I can only find wireless PIR’s. Is there somewhere a list of ADC-compatible devices?



You wouldn’t need to worry about Alarm.com compatibility with a wired sensor.

A wired sensor is only sending an open/close circuit signal to the TAKE-345. Any appropriate voltage hardwired PIR would work. You would want to match specifications to the space, an example of a good pet immune (80 lbs) wired motion is the Honeywell IS335.

Thanks, Jason. That’s a big help. As usual.