Wired Motion Sensor

I just added a wired motion sensor to my Qolsys Hardwire 16-F in zone 7. I have the resistor connected to the common wire and connected to the negative slot of the zone and the NC wire connected to the + slot of the zone. Power is working since the red light triggers every time I walk by the sensor. What did I do wrong with the install? I have it set to sensor type 17 on the qolsys panel.

The motion detector programmed into Zone 7 is labeled Master Bedroom Motion, is that the one you are referencing?

I see activity from that zone in your history. So that I can best assist, what is the issue you are experiencing regarding this sensor?

Sorry, I’ve been trying to debug this myself and finally have to some time to revisit. Since the last post, I’ve reset the memory on the 16-F and tried multiple zones and still not working properly. I currently have it wired in zone 1 of my 16-F board. I have it wired the same as before and the sensor shows the red light when walking past but I never get chime (I set it up in the Qolsys to use the door bell chime when active to test)

EDIT: The wire motion sensor is a DSC BV-300

To best assist, we first need to verify which panel zone this device is. If it is connected to the first terminals of the Hardwire 16, it looks like it is not the same detector that I asked about before.

Are you referring to Zone 20, Living Room Motion on your panel? Please confirm so we can be sure we are checking the right sensor settings, history events, etc.

Can you post a photo of the wiring at the HW16 and at the sensor? Are you using one of the resistors included with the HW16?

Yes, it’s zone 20 on my panel.

Can you try programming that zone as a door/window contact and test for about 10-15 minutes activating, waiting, then activating the sensor? Let me know after testing for about 15 minutes or so what time you started testing it, I want to view the system history to see what that zone reported to ADC during that time.

Ok, I started around 4:41pm Eastern Time.

Alright, I see no activity at all during that period.

If you just take off the cover of that motion detector and only remove just one of the detection circuit wires (the C or NC), does the panel indicate that zone open?

I just removed the cover and removed the C wire and I heard the chime that it was open.

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Ok, that is good, that tells us the wiring is good and it isn’t in parallel with another device. If the sensor relay opens, that zone will trip.

That sensor seems like it is just not opening the relay all the time when you are seeing the LED flash. Do you have a multimeter to test resistance between the C and NC terminals?

Yes, I do. I’ll check and report back the readings.

Check it with and without attached wires to NC and C

On the 20k Ohm setting, it’s -0.04 with wires attached, 0.01/0.00 without wires attached. I tried with it wired at the translator board with slot 1 and it read around 7.03 and triggered a tamper.

Let’s try by testing the wiring at the translator board. You would need to remove the sensor’s zone wires from the translator and connect them to the multimeter leads.

What is the measured resistance when at rest? What about when the motion is tripped? You may need someone to assist you and tell you when the motion detector LED is showing activity. Does the multimeter show a temporary change of any kind?

The values were basically the same at rest and when triggered, rough 4.56/4.57. I’m guessing I’m going to need to buy a new motion sensor? I have no idea if this motion sensor ever worked, it’s from the previous home owner.

Yeah if it is not opening the relay when triggered that is why it is not working on the panel. I would replace the sensor.