Wired External Alarm issue with 2GIG panel

Hi, I’ve had my 2GIG panel up and running flawlessly since November 2014. Not a single problem. I have had an ATW “The Bloodhound” external siren hard-wired to the panel.


It was one of the few sirens that would draw less than 120mA. It has been working perfectly all this time, but this week it started to click continuously. The siren still works when the alarm is activated, but the rest of the time it’s making this light, clicking noise. I assumed it was the siren, so I bought and installed a new one, but it is also making the exact same noise.

Any ideas?
Thanks, Merle.

Check the resistor?

No, I don’t know what you’re referring to.

You should most likely have a resistor on that piezo.

Bell terminals 5 and 6 are hot.

The siren/sounder may require a specific resistor as determined by the manufacturer, otherwise, 2GIG recommends a 820 ohm resistor for low current sounders.

Enable Q21 (1-3) to supervise external siren wiring

(Resistor shown in blue, but can also be located at siren itself)

Notice the text in red

I could add a resistor, but it doesn’t explain why it worked without a one for the last 9 months.

See above edited post, pay attention to circled text.

Panel voltage is used to supervise loop, it may be bleeding, and causing the clicking. Sometimes it means the siren/piezo is failing. Its fixed with the resistor if voltage bleed.

Any idea what wattage for the resister?

820 ohm (gray red brown gold)

Yes, 820 ohms. But what wattage should I get? Would 1/4 watt be enough?

I don’t think it really matters. So go with 1/4

Thanks for all the advice. I will give it a shot and give you the results.

Unfortunately Riven’s solution did not work. I just wired the 820 ohm resistor as shown in the above diagram, but no change. I tried wiring on the board and at the siren, but neither made a difference - still the incessant clicking noise. Mind you this is happening on the original siren, which had been working flawlessly for 8 months, and the new siren I purchased last week. Any other ideas?

Have you tried contacting the manufacturer?

Or go to your local electronics/alarm store and get a 4.7 ohm resistor and try that. The generic 820 ohm may be insufficient. On amazon for the bloodhound siren, they say that in the instructions for the piezo, that a 4.7 ohm resistor is required.

Else your option is to replace it. Honestly I wouldn’t even use a wired piezo, when you can have as many 100db zwave siren/strobes as you want (up to 240)

For alternatives, see: http://suretydiy.com/forums/topic/2gig-wired-combo-alarm-strobe-light/#post-29769