Window stickers

I just received my surety yard sign and window stickers. With my previous alarm company the stickers were designed to go on the inside of the door or window, to be visible from outside (the cling side was the front). I was surprised that with the surety stickers the sticky side is on the back so it seems they would need to be placed on the outside of the door or window. Any plans to make window stickers/decals designed to be placed inside the house? Or maybe I am missing something obvious.

Correct, stickers all use rear adhesive and are meant to be applied to the exterior of the windows. Many users have request to apply stickers to other surfaces or to obscured glass, frosted, textured, etc., which necessitates exterior application.

Interior stickers are not available at this time. I am not certain of any plans to include interior sticker options, but I can put in a request for you with our team!


I am bringing up this topic again because it would really be nice to put up window stickers. Currently, I am still using my old Frontpoint stickers.

Exterior window stickers are not suitable for my home.

Is this what the majority of users want? Can this be changed if there are enough requests?

Currently I am unaware of any plans to release a different type of sticker but I have passed this request along.

Thanks for the update. :disappointed:

You guys are still the best, so not a deal breaker in my book. :slightly_smiling_face: