Window Sensors

I added 6 windows sensors around 9:00pm last night. 4 of them showed up in immediately. 2 still have not shown up 11 hours later. All 6 show in the panel and test correctly. Would I need to do anything specific to get them to show up?

Usually when we see a delay, its for z-wave items, which take much longer to show up on their own through your account, but I have requested an updated equipment list through ADC to see if that forces them to show up. Can you check to see if they now appear?

Do not forget that if you have central station you a
So need to inform CS data entry of the new zones. If you for example, added sensor 10 as living Room window, sensor 11 , as third floor stair window, etc

Have data entry add:
Zone 10 living rm window
Zone 11 third flr stair window

Amanda - thanks, that did it almost immediately.

If Surety is my monitoring station, do I also have to contact them regarding the new zones?

I’ve got your new sensors sent to our CS data entry team already. Normally, you can let our CS team know directly or reach out to our customer service team at or Live Chat them via the website.