Window Sensor for Open Window?

This request is kind of non-sensical, I know, but bear with me. In the summer we like to leave our windows open at night to avoid running the central air (unless it gets really hot). Of course, this means bypassing window sensors. My question is this - are there any clever ways to provide some security to a window that is left ajar? I’ve had a couple ideas, like putting a sensor on the frame of the screen (protects against screen removal but not screen cut), or installing a second window sensor at a specific position for the partially open window (would alarm if the window is closed or adjusted during the night so not ideal).

Is there any other way to address this besides “close the darn window”?

The only ways I know to do it are:

  1. Install a second magnet at the height you plan on opening the window for, but then remember to disarm the system if you need to close the window in the middle of the night.


  1. Bypassing the sensor.

Someone else here might have some better ideas, but that’s all I can come up with.

Thanks Jay - you did help a bit by mentioning it would only be a second magnet and not a complete second sensor (duh).

I love a breeze in the summer, and so I personally use the second magnet solution. I opted to place it so I can open the window as much as possible without a person being able to slip through, erring to the cautious side to try to ensure someone would need to open the window wider (and off the magnet) to actually get through.

Thanks Amanda and Jay, I think I am going to go the two magnet route. Now - where can I get extra magnets? I am using the DW10, so matching would be nice or I could get two new magnets if there is a third party one that would work.

We sell magnets at our DIY Store.

Perfect, thanks Jay.

Related question - how do people deal with aesthetics? Some of our windows are stained wood with no curtains and the white sensors are quite visible. Is it ok to paint them?

It’s perfectly ok to paint the magnets and sensors. I don’t expect it be an issue on stained wood windows, but make sure the paint you use is a non-metallic paint.