Will this work independently?

Aeotec Z-Wave Micro In-Wall Light/Appliance On/Off Switch (DSC18103-ZWUS)

I have a lutron IR dimmer (non zwave). If I install the Aerotec will it work independently of the Lutron Switch. For example, if it is off from the Lutron switch, can i still controll it with z-wave? And if it is off with Z-wave, can I control it with the IR?

I’m struggling to think of a creative way of wiring that to make it work that way. And that’s the main problem here, you don’t want creative high voltage wiring.

The Aeotec switch provides a single switched power wire. It is and must be second to last in the circuit before the load. In other words, to function correctly, your lights would get power directly from that one switched terminal. Traditional 3way wiring is not possible either. So, no I do not think you could use both to independently control the same load.