Will the Schlage Encode work with my Qolsys?

Thinking of getting the Schlage Encode and wondered if it works with the IQ Panel 2.
I read that the Century does but thought this may be a better lock.

The Schlage Encode appears to be a wi-fi door lock which would not be compatible with Alarm.com nor would it connect to the Qolsys IQ Panel 2.

Z-Wave locks would be what you are looking for to connect to the panel and communicate with Alarm.com.

For a list of tested compatible Z-Wave locks, see this compatibility guide (FW 2.5.1)

Is there an update to the Compatibility Guide?

Schlage has announced many new locks. I’m curious what would work my my IQ Panel 4.

Alarm.com now supports the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt (BE489) Lock.

As a Wi-Fi device, it does not pair directly to the panel however, it connects to Alarm.com via the local network

Available features through Alarm.com for this lock would be:

  • Remote control of the lock
  • Automation with Rules

If you are looking for a lock that pairs with the IQ Panel 4, you could go with a Z-Wave lock from this list here.

Would this alleviate all the zwave issues Schlage locks have with panels?

Any downside in going with Wi-Fi vs Zwave for Schlage locks?

It would be unaffected by the Z-wave network, it would rely on your wifi.

The downside is that you may need to adjust your wifi for best signaling, especially if you have a large home, but in most cases it is a good alternative.

What “issues that Schlage Locks have with panels”?

Is that a zwave vs zwave-plus version issue?

I’m just curious because Schlage seems to be one of the highest rated smart locks in the industry.

Schlage has a history of backward/forward incompatibility issues when Z-wave controller radio versions change. This is very rare with most other Z-wave devices I’m familiar with, but common with Schlage, and makes me suspect they use some shortcuts in coding.

What are the instructions to connecting the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt to Alarm.com? I recently installed 3 of these but I can’t find instructions / directions on how to connect to Alarm.com.

You can add the Encode by logging into Alarm.com and navigating to Settings > Manage Devices > Add Device > Locks. Schlage Encode is found in that list. Follow the steps there to get started.

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Thank you for this. I checked there last night and I could have sworn it wasn’t on the list. I checked online and on the app just now and now it is showing. Thanks again!

One more question. Would this work for the Encode Plus Wi-Fi lock as well? I would assume it would but wanted to confirm with you first.

There is only one model of Encode lock afaik. Yes, the wifi Encode is supported.

Ah ok. Yes, there was a new model called encode plus that was released in April this year. The first batch sold out immediately and it really hasn’t been advertised as far as I know. Both the encode and encode plus utilize the Schlage app so I assumed that it would also work with alarm.co but just wanted to confirm.

I would be cautious if it is a new model. It is possible there would be no difference in compatibility but I cannot confirm that at this time. ADC only calls out the one model for compaitibility.

Understood. Thank you for your prompt response!

Anybody able to confirm that the Schlage Encode Plus is also supported by alarm.com and not just the Schlage Encode?

Looks like just the Schlage Encode at this time.

See the list here.