Will the 3G Microcell Booster Extender help my signal strength?

I purchased an ATT 3g gsm from Surety. Do you know if a 3G Microcell Cell Phone Wireless Signal Booster Extender will work with the GSM? I have very poor signal strength where I am at.

I haven’t tried it personally but I did some digging and found that the AT&T MicroCell has been tested by Alarm.com with not so great results. It did boost the signal but they found it also sometimes caused interference issues so it wasn’t a good solution. We have a few Antenna solutions that are tested and we know work well so I think they’re a better option. I’ve been meaning to have them added to the DIY store because this topic has come up before in the forum so I’ll get someone on that and try to have you some alternatives available shortly.

ok thanks Ryan. Are you talking about the attic anteenas or actual boosters?

Or maybe something like the Zboost Yx510 Cell Phone Extender?

One’s an active booster and the other is just a larger antenna.