WiFi communication test timed out on New Setup

Brand new system arrived and I just finished wiring everything up. I started up the panel and my internet was down due to a area outage. A couple hours later the internet came online. I reconnected to the Wifi and started the setup from the Qolsys IQ 2+ Panel. I also have the 16f wired up and powered on. I get the following message after connecting to the Wifi, confirming Internet access, and clicking next.

Checking System
Dual Path Test
Wi-Fi communication test timed out. Please try again later
Retry or Skip

Update: I tried it a couple more times. now it says
Cellular Radio Test timed out. Please try again later.
For new installs please verify account has been created.

Your panel could not connect to the closest cellular tower.
Please check that your account has been created.

IMEI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Should I create my account or skip it and do something later?

You will need to create the Alarm.com account before you can run a cell test successfully at the panel. Please login to your Surety account dashboard and click on the System Manager tab to get started.

Ensure that Wi-Fi is turned off on the panel when running the initial cell test as well (this can hinder the cell test completing in some cases)

Once the Alarm.com account has been created and the cell test run to connect the panel to Alarm.com, then retry connecting to wi-fi.

Update on progress. I was able to complete the setup and passed all tests. My account is setup with alarm.com. Now I am having trouble enrolling my 16-F and hard wired devices. I will start another thread as I don’t believe the issues are related.

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Glad to hear it! We’ll get the 16-F figured out.