Wi-Fi Will Not Connect

I have message that a Qolsys-2 “Easy Panel Update” is required. However, “It looks like the Wi-Fi on your security panel isn’t enabled.” It actually IS enabled, but after detecting the network name and typing in the correct password, the

message back is “Not connected”. This happens using Alarm.com or directly at the panel. Please advise. Many thanks.

I should also point out that the Wi-Fi network includes a dash and number, as in abcdef-4. Not sure that would make a difference. Also, when i attempt to connect, at first it seems that the connection would be made, but it never really is.

You will want to connect the panel to your network directly from the panel, not through the pictured settings in Alarm.com.

  1. Verify the router is receiving power and is connected to the internet.
  2. At the panel, navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings > Wi-Fi
    • Ensure the Activate Wi-Fi box is checked.
    • If not connected, select the network you want to connect to and enter the network credentials
    • You may need to forget the network, then re-pair.
  3. Power cycle the panel and the router.

Does the panel connect to the desired network?

According to the IQ-Panel, wif-fi is enabled. But according to the email received today regarding an update, it is not enabled.
I’d do the update manually from the panel, but that does not appear to be an option. Please advise.

What this means is that the panel can connect on the LAN, but it has no access to the internet. This is possibly an issue with the network, or software issue.

Reboot your router and modem. If the connection does not restore after a power cycle of both the modem and router, then software update needed.

On the IQ Panel 2, software can be updated by SD card as an option if wifi is currently down. Instructions from the manufacturer are below:


If you are not able to update your panel’s software using the Wi-Fi connection, follow the steps below to use an SD card:

Compatibility Note: Your IQ Panel must be on software version 2.0.1 or higher and connected to Wi-Fi to install this update wirelessly. Panels running 2.5.0 & 2.5.1 must be updated to 2.5.3 before they can be updated to 2.8.1

1- Insert a micro SD card into your computer. *(We recommend using a “class 4” or higher micro SDHC card with 4gb-16gb storage space)

2- Click the download link below (we recommend saving it to your desktop)


3- Once the file is downloaded:

  • Locate the file called “2.8.1-SD-Upgrade.zip”
  • Right click this file and select “Unzip” or “Open”
  • You should see a folder with three (3) files inside: “2.8.1rc9.20231026_b9_full_upgrade.zip” “release.txt” and “signature”
  • Drag ALL THREE files to your SD card. These are the ONLY files you’ll need, so delete ANY other files
  • Safely remove the SD card from your computer

4- Slide your micro SD card into the slot on the right side of the IQ Panel.

5- Swipe down from the top of the screen and touch “Settings”
6- Touch “Advanced Settings” and enter a valid installer code (default is 1111)
7- Touch “Upgrade Software”
8- Touch “Upgrade Using SD Card”
9- The panel will search the SD Card for the patch and begin downloading it automatically.
10- Once complete touch “OK” to reboot the panel. DO NOT TOUCH THE SCREEN. The update process will take approximately 5 minutes. After the panel reboots the home screen will appear and the LED will turn green.

11- Eject the SD Card:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen and touch “Settings”
  • Touch “SD Card”
  • Touch “Unmount SD card”
  • Remove the SD Card from the side slot by pushing it in slightly, it should then “spring” back out