Why no remote 2 way voice Speakers

I Love my 2gig system. But I live in a 3 story townhouse with my main Panel located on the third story level. (I have TS1’s on the main and 2 second floor level. Although I feel crash and smash protection is a great feature from alarm.com, I still have never felt comfortable with having my all in one panel out in the open on the main level). I love two way voice service for various reasons but have to travel up 2 flights of stairs to interact with the operator on the other end of the line.

When I had my previous Honeywell vista system I had combined 2way voice speaker/mic’s on every level of my home. That doesn’t seem so be available with all in one systems. I was hopeful this would be coming soon to all in one systems when 2gig was acquired by Linear corp. Linear offers remote wireless 2way voice stations with their PERS systems for Personal emergency alert.

I would love to have this for my 2gig system. I can’t believe this has not hit the market yet for residential security.


I would tend to agree with you. This kind of solution with a connected base station and associated wireless points, while definitely the way to go should they implement it (I can’t see them using any existing hardware for wireless voice, though I could be wrong given how the Go!Bridge was implemented) would likely require a bit of a hardware revamp, or a very clever retrofit. I’d assume it may be a little far along in the life of the panel for that kind of development, but of course with the Go!Bridge recent release it is possible.

It is a good question though so I have posed it to some 2Gig reps and will post with updates.