Why don't you sell the ADC Tempature Sensors?

So i’m kind of confused at the response I received from customer service on to the reason why you Don’t sell the sensors.

We have received your request, and it appears that the ADC-S2000-T-RA is not currently scheduled to be added to our site. I have pushed your request along, as demand impacts decisions regarding what products to offer, to the team responsible for those decisions in the hopes that they will add it.

Should you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

I can go buy them at buy2gig today. http://buy2gig.com/Alarm.com-Temperature-Sensor-ADC-S2000-T-RA.html

I would have expected a company to be proactive on selling the newest items an keeping current customers from shopping at competitors for items.

I’m totally fine taking my business somewhere else put I figured I would have used you first because of all of the extra support you give to your customers.


We like the enthusiasm for the product! I’m really liking the RTS potential myself, but am not using one yet at my own home (still using CT100).

I’m not always privy to all customer service decisions, (typically you will want to email customerservice@suretyDIY.com regarding order related questions) but I can make sure it gets forwarded on.

To address the concerns, a couple things:

  1. We do not in any way require or expect all equipment to be purchased through us. We can’t beat Amazon shipping :wink:

  2. Our tech support forum is likewise not limited to users who buy equipment from us, so if you have questions, set up troubles, feature suggestions, please always feel free to post. You are not taking advantage of us if you buy a piece of equipment elsewhere and ask here. Honest.

As always, we appreciate feedback!

Surety IMO is more about the top notch support and service, then about store items and peripherals (for example, they don’t even sell the replacement 2GIG-BATT2x battery packs (which are required by code (UL985, NFPA 72) for those with smoke detector enabled systems).

They also don’t sell the ADC streaming Video Recorders.

There are many places you can get gear: eBay, amazon, newegg, buy2gig, etc, usually below or at wholesale prices that are cheaper than Surety would be able sell it for.

Surety doesn’t care where you obtain the gear, and as for the remote tstat sensors, my guess is, only 1 device can use them, so they probably won’t move much of them, and they probably don’t have the stock room/warehouse space to store them long term, and it probably in the end, isn’t cost effective.

Thanks for the reply,

I’m just use to trying to support the good businesses as much as I can. It’s just easier sometimes to keep it all at one place.


I’m just use to trying to support the good businesses as much as I can. It’s just easier sometimes to keep it all at one place.

I understand what you mean, thank you for that.

Are these sensors capable of letting you know what the temp is in the room they’re in? That would be nice in and of itself. Is there anything that can do that and is compatible with ADC?

Yes, you can see the measured temperature for each individual remote temperature sensor (RTS). That and the ability to use the average of multiple temp sensors to drive thermostat control loop instead of just the temperature measured at the thermostat itself are the main benefits of the RTS. It’s simple but I still find that pretty useful.

I’m hoping that some day Alarm.com will be able to use them in conjunction with Z-Wave heating/cooling vent registers to effectively do smart multi-zone temperature control that works with any simple HVAC system. Baby steps though…