Why does my V520IR camera keep saying Failure to Connect

I have an alarm.com V520IR camera that seems to always say Failure to connect. I can go in and unplug the camera then plug it back in and hold the button in for a few seconds and it will work. But after a few minuted it stops working and goes back to saying “failure to connect”

Are you watching a working camera through your Alarm.com account in a web browser? The live streaming feed on the website will time-out after a set period of time. The next time you notice this, refresh the browser page and check the video.

I know the live streaming times out. It doesn’t have to do with the live streaming.

When you notice that the camera reports failure to connect, does the status LED on the front of the camera change color?

If this is a signal issue, there are a couple troubleshooting tips.

One, the obvious is to note the distance and construction between the camera and the wireless router with which it is communicating. If the signal is low, consider moving your router or access point closer to the camera location.

Two, check to be certain that the antenna is tightly screwed down onto the back of the camera, if the antenna is loose you may notice intermittent drops in connection.

Three, (rare) if your network has multiple wifi extenders or access points, do these access points all use the same SSID and password setup? It is likely they do, and the ADC camera may be caught attempting to connect to two different points.

Have you power cycled modem and router?