Why do my cameras keep recording things that aren't there?

I just installed my cameras and they are constantly recording motion detection clips even if nothing is moving in front of the camera. How do I fix this?

There are few things I would look at to correct the situation.

1.) Video Motion Detection (VMD) - I would make sure your 3 video detection windows do not overlap. It can cause the camera to record multiple clips based on the same movement. Ideally, you would have the three windows cover the entire view range of the camera or whatever area you want recordings to trigger with.

2.) Motion Sensitivity - The higher the sensitivity, the more responsive the camera will become to changes. I would try lowering the sensitivity (if possible) to see if that reduces the number of clips your camera takes.

3.) Target Size - This setting determines what percentage of pixels need to change within the VMD in order for it to trigger a motion recording. The higher the percentage, the more the VDM needs to change in order to record. If the target size is too low, it can cause the camera to record on basically any change in the environment (lighting, movement, insects, etc.)

4.) Number of Motion Detection Recording Schedules - Ideally, you would only have a few recording schedules. One for motion, one for alarm activity, and maybe a couple for sensor activity. If you have created multiple recording schedules for motion detection, that can cause an issue where the camera records many clips from one source of motion detection.

Motion detection based recordings are tricky to get right the first time and usually take a few days of tweaking and adjusting in order to get the recording frequency just right.