White screen on panel


The screen is completely white. Any suggestions for a fix? It has worked flawlessly for the past 4 months. This happened yesterday. I haven’t done any troubleshooting yet but figured my first step would be unplug power and backup battery for a few minutes and then restart.


I unplugged AC power and battery and waited a few minutes before plugging everything back in. The unit went through the boot up process but then the screen went back to all white.

An important detail is that the unit is still communicating with alarm.com. I can see the current status of my sensors and it updates as it should online (tamper when opening panel, motion sensor, etc.)

I don’t know if this is relevant or not but will mention in case it helps. There was no indication at all of a problem prior to the screen going white. I armed the system in the evening and it worked as it should. When I woke up and went to disarm the panel it was all white. I had to use the keyfob to disarm. We have had a lot of lightning storms in the area recently. Nothing else in the house has had a problem but I wonder if a power surge of some kind could affect the screen?

Nothing else in the house has had a problem but I wonder if a power surge of some kind could affect the screen?

Power surges can result in a wide variety of problems, so it is always a possibility. I would imagine a more total failure in most of those circumstances though. Did you purchase this panel from suretyDIY?

You could try a factory reset to see if that helps. If a software error you might be in luck. I would guess screen defect, but this type of issue is really hard to test.

In this circumstance, note that a reset that did not result in success would mean local programming could not be re-accessed.

Thank you for the help.

No, I did not purchase the panel from suretyDIY. I do use you for monitoring.

I will try the factory reset as a last ditch attempt at a fix.

Is there a way to copy the sensor and setting info in case I need to purchase a new panel? I am not looking forward to programming a new panel if the factory reset doesn’t work on this one.

We can run a backup of the panel, yes. I just requested one.

When attempting a default, you will want to remove the module so the panel cannot communicate and overwrite the backup file. Then if the default is successful, a restore can be pushed. If it is not successful, the restore can be pushed to a new panel.

It is important to follow the backup/restore steps very closely to ensure best chance of success. See below:

To perform the restore:

– Let us know you would like a backup run. Our team will confirm when a backup has been run of current settings. (done in this case)
– Power down panel, remove the module, default and test screen.
– Let us know you are ready to push settings.
– We’ll confirm when the restore is initiated.
– Then power up the panel with module and antenna installed. (do not power up the panel with the module attached before the restore is pushed)

Thank you for the help. It is my sister’s panel and she is in another state so it will be awhile before I can do the testing. I appreciate your help amd will let you know how it goes.

I said I would come back to this thread to update when I got access to the panel. A factory reset didn’t fix the screen issue. As a last ditch effort I upgraded the firmware to the newest version. Still nothing. Anticipating that this would be the result I purchased a used Vivint panel as a replacemeant. I have flashed the newest firmware to the Vivint panel and will have the panel provisioned by you on Monday (being covered in another thread by Dexter). I just wanted to post this update for anyone that may research this type of issue (white screen) in the future. It appears to be a hardware issue.

It appears to be a hardware issue.

That sounds most likely. Thank you for following up with the troubleshooting.