Which Sensor Group for Activity Monitoring Only?

Hi - I have a Concord 4 system. I would like to add a door contact that will be used for activity sensor monitoring only. (I have sensor activity enabled through my provider.) This will allow me to use ADC to alert me when this contact is opened/closed.

That’s the easy part, right? The curve ball - I do not want this sensor to throw an alarm (if opened/closed) when the panel is armed in either Stay or Away modes.

I know I can bypass this sensor upon arming, but is this the only way? I hope I am missing something simple here.


Programming the sensor as group 25 (GE local safety sensor) will make it so it never sets off alarms and instead is only used for activity.

Jason- Thank you!! Will this alert both open and closed?

You can create activity notifications to alert when opened, and sensor left open notifications to let you know if it is opened for a certain length of time, as well as when it closes and resolves the left open state.

Jason - Happy New Year! A follow-up question… I have this new sensor assigned to Group 25. Everything works great! I am notified as soon as the door is opened (via ADC); however, I would also like to be notified when the door is then closed.

Perhaps this is because Group 25 does not support ‘Restoral’ on the Concord 4? I hope there is something I am missing; as I would like to have alerts for both open and close of this sensor - all while having this sensor excluded from any ‘alarm’ events while in Stay or Away modes.

Thanks for your help,

The only way I am aware to get a notification when a sensor closes (typically, a door opens and closes immediately after) is if you set up a sensor left open notification as well. You can set it for as little as one minute.

If the sensor is left open for 1 minute, you get a notification, once the sensor is closed, you get a restoral notification.