Which PowerG motion sensor for residential

Hi, I have a Qolsys IQ Panel 4 and am replacing some old 2GIG PIR sensors. I see there are a number of different PowerG options, and not sure which is best for a typical residential location.

We don’t have pets, so pet immunity isn’t an issue.

Is the PG9914 adequate and does it provide decent coverage without false alarms? Or do I need something like the 9974P or 9984P? Those certainly seem a bit more advanced, but certainly not attractive for a living room…

Anyway, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


The powerg motions r all good for not having false alarms and all them have pet friendly so don’t really matter to be honest all do have great detection

The 9914 is a perfectly good sensor depending on the environment. If you have ceiling ducts or have to point it towards a window that causes false alarms, etc, you’ll want a dual tech sensor. There would be no reason to use either of those mirror PIR sensors you have listed in your house.

Thank you! Which Dual Tech would you recommend?

Also, I have a charge area that includes the family room, dining room and entryway. What do you think about using one of the 360 degree PowerG PIRs to see that entire space, instead of multiple PIRs in the corners?


Well, I guess the 9984 is the only thing out there. There’s no reason it won’t work, just has more range than you’d need. My duel tech sensors are all wired via PG9WLSHW8 so I wasn’t aware that is the only PowerG duel tech.

It depends on the environment, if you don’t have heating and cooling registers or windows tgat are likely to trip it then it would work fine. Although you don’t have to cover an entire space, you’re just trying to cover choke points and areas that an intruder would have to cross. Personally I have one in the corner of every ground floor and basement room that would be tripped if entering and one on each stairwell.

Most are going to get the job done, depending on the room and what you are trying to monitor. You can check specs in respective installation manuals to judge whether or not a single motion will fit your needs

The PG9914 may be in line with 2GIG PIR in terms of angle of view and aesthetics. The PG9984P is going to be a little more advanced and may be less prone to false triggers. Just be sure to follow mounting guidlines outlined in the manual.