Which panel?

I have two control panels and I’m not sure which is compatible. The first is a panel that was already installed in the home I live in, it is a GE Simon XT model number 600-1054-95R. The second is from a home I used to live in and brought with me, it is a Vivint Sky Panel model number V-MP1-345. I did not like the Vivint service as it was expensive. The Simon XT seems like it would be compatible but I put the serial number in the compatibility checker and it indicates that it is not. Thanks for any help you can provide.

The Simon XT is compatible but it sounds like you would need to upgrade the cellular communication module to use it. We sell the Verizon 4G module for the Simon XT (600-1048-XT-LTE-VZ) for $199 with free shipping, signs and stickers and a free month of monitoring.

You could also get a new Qolsys IQ2+ which is a more modern and powerful panel and it would work with your wireless sensors from the Simon XT.

Would either of these options interest you?

The Vivint Sky panel is not compatible with our service.

My intentions are to activate the security system and also add a surveillance system. The control panel has a cellular module in it already model ADC-200M-EVD-L from alarm.com, I don’t know anything about it or whether it would still work. As far as the surveillance system goes I would be starting from scratch and would like at least a doorbell cam and a cam in front and back of the house. My wife is leaning toward the ring system but I like the thought of having everything on one app and one account. I have no problem installing everything myself and would prefer it.

That model cellular communicator can’t be used with a new Alarm.com account today. Only 4G and newer will work. Our module compatibility check can help verify that for you.

We’re happy to help with whatever questions you have.