Which panel is easier to add sensors to? 2gig gc3e or Qolsys iq panel 4

I am installing a new alarm system which will have a lot of window and door sensors. Since I am still figuring out what panel to use, which system is the easiest to quickly add sensors to? I only have experience with the gc3, which makes the process quite time-consuming from my personal experience. I would love to be able to add it via the web, computer, or USB, as I have a list of all zones and corresponding tx ids in Excel.

Device programming would be performed at the panel using its UI in either case, however between the two choices, my recommendation is easy. The IQ Panel 4 is the panel we recommend and sell in our store. Device programming on the IQ Panel is the easiest as it has ever been. However you wouldn’t be able to import anything via an excel file.