Which Cell Service to Use on ADC Site?

I’ve switch from an iPhone on AT&T to a Nexus 6P on Google’s new ‘Fi’ service. I don’t know which service provider to use or if they’ll even work with this setup.

Fi uses T-Mobile & US Cellular I believe for cell carriers. I want to be able to get text messages and alerts on my new phone. So far, I haven’t been able to get texts when I used either of the aforementioned service providers. Is there something ADC can implement on their end maybe to be compatible with Fi?

AFAIK Alarm.com uses email to SMS gateways to send text notifications which almost all cellular carriers provide. Google Fi does not have one of these gateways yet so I don’t think ADC will be able to send text messages to a phone on Google Fi at this time.


We’ll double check to make sure…

Here is a useful post from that forum:

Edit: I ended up creating a label in Gmail and a filter to match specially-addressed messages and assign to that label (name+paging@gmail.com or nam.e@gmail.com). Then I configured Gmail app to sync that label and play a certain tone on new/unread messages. I also use the Alert.me app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hidtechs.alertme) which can repeatedly alert on unread Gmail label messages. So it's all the same but as a friend pointed out, would require to always have a Data connection so Gmail app can receive mail.

Alarm.com has looked into this recently and yes, it looks like an email to sms gateway is not yet available.

You would need to use email notifications instead at the current time to receive those alerts on the phone.

Ok. Thanks for the info Jason & Ryan. Much appreciated.

I’ve been able to get an sms notification from a shortcode of 2287 for a low battery in one of my locks as well as push notifications through the Android app.

I guess that’s all I need right now.