Which Alarm.com Module is best? XT-510-US-VZ, XT-410-US-VZ, or NX-410-US-VZ-LTEUP

For a Simon XT/XTi
Which of these panels is best 4G module?

XT-510-US-VZ LTE Module (Verizon)

XT-410-US-VZ VoLTE Module - Verizon

NX-410-US-VZ-LTEUP LTE Module Verizon

Thank You!

The NX-410 is for the NetworX panel, not the Simon.

The XT-510-US-VZ would be fine, it offers Z-Wave and 2-Way communication.

While we do not offer them, they can be found from other vendors online. Avoid 3rd party sellers without a return policy as used modules may be locked or the incorrect module type.

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Thank You Tyler, will this one also work>> 600-1048-XT-LTE-VZ XT/XTi
Or do you know if there is a comprehensive list for Simon XT 4G modules? Thanks!

  • 600-1048-XT-LTE-VZ Verizon 4G LTE w/ Z-Wave (Interlogix Part Number)
  • 600-1048-XT-ZX-AT AT&T 4G LTE w/Z-Wave (Interlogix Part Number)
  • XT-510-US-DP-VZ Verizon 4G LTE w/Z-Wave and Dual Path (Alarm.com part number)
  • XT-510-US-DP-AT AT&T 4G LTE w/Z-Wave and Dual Path (Alarm.com part number)
  • XT-511-US-VZ Verizon 4G LTE w/Z-Wave (Alarm.com part number)
  • XT-511-US-AT AT&T 4G LTE w/Z-Wave (Alarm.com part number)

Interlogix stopped making home security products, so their parts may be harder to come by.

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Thank You very much Tyler! this helped me to locate one.
…didn’t get notification and just checked back now.
You guys are the greatest!