Where to get GC2 firmware v1.19.1 ?

Where can I download GC2 firmware v1.19.1 ? I want to update firmware from v1.14 but might as well grab the latest if I’m going to to it.

The download firmware link hasn’t been updated in a while:



Do you have a link for 1.19.1 ? I’d like to upgrade to latest if I’m going to take the time to do it- thanks! SuretyCAM employees have made references to this version in posts, but no download links.

1.19.1 can be downloaded here. However per release info it does not contain relevant changes for US ADC systems. It is the latest version though for the panel.

Thanks, I was able to update to v1.19.1

After four years, finally removing desktop stand and wall mounting - wanted to update before it went on the wall :slight_smile:

Need procedure and file location for updating to latest firmware on GC2. Just signed up for new service and I need to update my GC2 panel to v1.19 or newer. Above links are broken. Thanks!