Where to find extra 2 wire connectors for the dw10 sensors?

When my system was installed in our old home I never got the extra wires for the sensors.

Now after finding out I can run other things off of the sensors and add a glass break to them I have at least 6 sensors I cant use for double duty or on a garage door.

Is there a way of finding these or am I out of luck.


see: https://suretyhome.com/forums/topic/need-something-you-probably-throw-away-or-are-not-using/


I’m not buying and reselling sensors just to get a wire and connector.

I was hoping at least 2-gig would have the proper type or spec for the connector so I could find them from a speciality supplier. I’ll have to go through some of the speciality catalogs and look.


Good luck with that

They look to be related to a BEC 2-Pin 26 AWG connector, though 2GIG support states they are non-standard and indeed they are shorter than the connector mentioned above. We will request some additional info from 2GIG.