Where can I purchase an ADC Skybell HD?

I am interested in purchasing an Alarm.com compatible Skybell HD but no longer see it available on the Surety web store. Is it temporarily out of stock or will Surety no longer be carrying this product? Any recommendations on where else I can purchase the ADC version? Thank you!

We do not sell the Skybell HD, instead we sell the ADC VDB105 and 106 which are the Alarm.com Slim Line models of the Skybell.

There are some potential issues with the HD model, mostly due to the fact that if they are ever connected to the Skybell app, they will no longer be able to be added to Alarm.com due to incompatible firmware being loaded on.

There are no third party vendors I could vouch for, but many do still sell the HD model, and an Alarm.com branded HD doorbell could be used with our service regardless of where it was purchased!

Thank you Jason!