When will my Surety automatic bill-pay run each month?

All Surety services are pre-paid month to month, and we try to make our service as easy as possible to use!

Sometimes payment failures occur, most often due to expired payment methods. To make sure our users have plenty of reaction time for any failed payment, Surety automatic bill-pay by default runs 10 days in advance of the billing period due date.

Your billing period is based on when you activate your alarm service, not when you purchased service or when your renewal payment runs. You are not losing any days of service when we run your payment 10 days in advance. For example:

  • You activate your Alarm.com account on June 12th. Your first month of service is June 12th to July 11th.
  • Your first renewal payment is run on July 2nd… 10 days before July 12th, and pays for your second month of service which is July 12th to August 11th.
  • Your second renewal payment is run on August 2nd and covers your third month which is August 12th to September 11th.

This is the case whether your first month was paid for directly or included as a free trial month when you purchase a new security system from us. You always get your full month and it starts when you activate your Alarm.com account.

If you cancel service after your renewal payment is run but before your next month of service begins then your renewal payment is refunded.

If you need to make a change to your billing date, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via a private message or email at support@suretyhome.com!