Whats states are you licensed in?

I have multiple locations I need monitoring for. Rather than ask one by one, can yoh tell me specifically what states you and your monitoring company are licensed in? Having the state license number would be very helpful.


I’ve sent this over to customer service for you. For questions regarding license numbers for permits, or other account details, please contact customerservice@suretyDIY.com, or alternatively if including any sensitive location info you can send a secure message from our website.

Thanks Warren. I think we need to get this donkey on the table though and email isn’t a good way to let the public know. I stand by, waiting for a response.


Hi Thomas,

When our central station doesn’t meet the licensing requirements for a locality we contract monitoring to a larger central station that does. Licensing varies by state, county and city. Please address your licensing concerns with customer service (customerservice@suretydiy.com). This forum is for technical support.

Best Regards,