What to use as power wire?

I really like the power cord that came with my 2gig GC2 panel in the kit from SuretyDIY.

Where can I find more cable like that? Not much 2-wire cable at home depot, and what they have is flat thermostat wire and really stiff jacket and hard to shove inside the panel. Any tips on where I can find like 10-15ft of that cable you sent me or something similar?

We use 22/2 AWG Stranded cable. If the cable is going to be run through the wall and not moved a lot, solid is fine.

22/2 would be fine for runs of 10-15 feet for the GC2, but we recommend using 18/2 AWG Stranded to ensure proper power application when running a power wire.

Either type of cable should typically be found in hardware stores by the foot.

Smaller spools can be found online. Counter intuitively you can often find shorter lengths and lower prices on more conductors. 22/4 or 22/8 cable might be found in lengths of 50 or 100 feet, etc.

This looks like it will work: http://a.co/d/1voBxRM

All I could find at home depot 18/2 sold by the foot was shielded.

Shielded would be fine as well.