What network does panel use to connect to sensors

I understand the Iq4 panel can call to the monitoring station on dual paths over my home wifi (if it availalbe) or over the built in Cellular modem. What network does the panel use to interact with the various sensors, assume this is a separate network that the panel broadcasts to each sensors that has not reliance on my home wifi ? Any issues with bandwidth interferance with the Iq4 panel network and home wifi we need to configure around ?


Sensors communicate on a specific RF frequency, not across cellular or your wi-fi network.

Each IQ Panel 4 includes two radios for wireless sensor compatibility, one legacy (either 319.5, 345, or 433) and one PowerG radio.

PowerG - uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology hopping through a large variety of frequencies each second.

319.5Mhz Included in the IQ Panel 4 IQP4001/4. Works with both 319.5MHz legacy and 319.5MHz S-Line encrypted (Qolsys brand).

345 MHz included with the IQP4003/6 works with legacy 345 MHz sensors (2GIG, Honeywell)

433 Mhz included in the IQP4002/5 works with legacy 433 MHz sensors (DSC)

With either sensor type this should not interfere with the home network.

Understood on power g and Security RF at 319.5 MHZ (in my unit) . Assume Z wave plus is for specific home automation devices ? Is that another RF network or something else?


Z-Wave is completely separate from the wireless sensor radios. Z-Wave devices that can be used include thermostats, Z-Wave locks, lights, switches.

More inforamtion on setting up a Z-Wave network can be found below: