What is this weird alert sound?

My panel is making a weird beep boop beep boop sound and I don’t know how to stop it. I have turned off panel tamper in settings and it still continues as some sources said that’s what it was. Please help it’s sooooooo annoying every few seconds!!!

It looks like there are a lot of tamper alerts on the system, but I do not know which are accurate it looks like the panel was unplugged, is that correct?

I think what you are describing is specifically caused by the Fire Detector Troubles reported in Alarm.com.

The downstairs, upstairs front, and upstairs rear smoke detectors are showing a trouble.

If you reboot the panel can you provide a photo of any alerts/warnings on the panel screen and confirm if you hear the same thing again?

That’s correct it is currently powered down as I am moving into a new house tomorrow and was reprogramming zones yesterday for the new place. Once I get everything installed tomorrow I’ll see if it continues the sound and update the thread. Thanks for the advice!