What is Alarm.com?

What is Alarm.com?

Alarm.com is a cloud-based security alarm and camera platform that provides remote control and automation for home and business security systems. Alarm.com pioneered connected home security.

Alarm.com provides smart security, home automation and remote control for the vast majority of home security companies, who combine it with their own professional monitoring (police/fire/medical dispatch) and deliver it to customers. If you have a smart security system from a home security company then you probably have Alarm.com.

Alarm.com works with professional-grade security alarm systems such as Qolsys, 2GIG, DSC and Honeywell. It uses Z-Wave & PowerG for home automation devices such as lights, locks, thermostats, garage doors, energy management, water valves/meters & sprinkler systems. It uses WIFI for higher bandwidth devices such as cameras. See the Alarm.com hardware page for a non-exhaustive list of compatible products.

Alarm.com is a B2B company and does not sell directly to consumers. The only way to get it is from an Alarm.com provider. Alarm.com is often white-labeled and branded to appear as if is comes directly from the Alarm.com provider / security company.

There are two kinds of Alarm.com providers, professional-installation and DIY (self-install). The professional installation companies come to your house and install the equipment for you. The DIY companies ship you the equipment to install yourself and only provide the remote services and professional monitoring. Professional-installation companies usually cost more and require long term contracts but save you from doing installation/maintenance work. DIY companies usually cost less and are often month-to-month but you have to do the installation/maintenance yourself.

How does Surety use Alarm.com?

Surety is DIY (self-install) Alarm.com provider that’s perfect for those who like to do everything online. We don’t do installations, we don’t have contracts (always month-to-month), and our industry-renowned customer support is provided entirely online through this forum and by email. Surety is one of the most cost-effective ways to get Alarm.com and arguably delivers the best value to customers.

When you sign up for a Surety Plan you get an Alarm.com account with it, and all the same professional home security features you would get with more expensive providers who require long-term contracts and often try to hide the fact that they’re an Alarm.com provider by white-labeling.

Getting started is easy and you might be able to use the security alarm system you already have. Surety is Alarm.com the way it should be.

What features does Alarm.com have?

Alarm.com is the most comprehensive security platform available. Features include:

  • Security alarm remote control & automation
  • Seamless integration with professional monitoring centers
  • Security camera remote control & cloud storage
  • Smart features (AI-based intelligence)
  • Home automation such as
    • Lights
    • Door locks
    • Thermostats
    • Garage doors
    • Blinds & shades
    • Water valves
    • Irrigation system control & automation
    • Home audio integration
  • The Alarm.com mobile app to access everything on your mobile device
  • Connect car integration to access your system from your vehicle
  • Compatibility with most professional-grade security products
  • Custom security products that exclusively work with Alarm.com