What is Alarm.com Water Management?

How do I make use of the water management feature of Interactive Gold? What parts do I need?

You can use Water Management to detect floods or leaks. This utilizes a flood/temp sensor to detect leaking/flooding water and a Z-wave Water Valve would control water flow.

These two components work together to detect water leaks and overflows. After creating the appropriate automation rule, the sensor can automatically turn off the water supply by sending a signal from the flood sensor to the security panel, then from the security panel to the main valve when the water sensor is triggered. These sensors can also turn off the water supply when potentially freezing temperatures are detected.

You would need:
-Z-wave Water Valve

  • an RF Flood/Temp sensor (currently, z-wave flood/temp sensors are not compatible with Alarm.com)

It is worth noting that, as the Z-wave Water Valve requires cutting into water bearing pipes for installation, a certified plumber is most likely needed for the install.

Compatible devices with Alarm.com would be the Fortrezz WV-01 and the Watercop Z-wave valve.