What happens to panel after cancelling?

I cancelled my service since I was moving. I didn’t do anything to the panel after that, and the new owner is asking for the code. I gave them my old master code. I’m not sure if it’s cause they don’t know how to set it up or if the panel gets “factory reset”, but they said it doesn’t work.

I’m wondering what happens to the GC3 after cancelling service? Are the old code still applicable? Are the old users still there?

Tell them try 1561

The panel is disconnected from Alarm.com, it no longer communicates with Alarm.com or the monitoring station (if that was in use.

No user codes or programming are changed as a result of service cancellation. Any codes would still be applicable. We do not have access to these codes so we would not be able to tell the new user what they are.

Ok, thank you. I’ll try to explain how to access the panel configuration.

Honestly they should just upgrade that panel as it’s no longer made and good chance within the next year ADC will stop making the communicator for it

Please let us know if you have any questions. As long as they can run a cell test, they can connect the panel to service.