What equipment can be used with suretyDIY?


I would like to know if I can use my Current Devices to Use on your Alarm.com Monitoring Option.

Thank You.

To better assist you, what alarm panel and devices are you currently utilizing?

suretyDIY offers service and support for all Alarm.com compatible equipment. You can reuse existing compatible equipment. Service through suretyDIY requires an unregistered Alarm.com compatible panel as well as an unregistered, Alarm.com compatible cellular module. A list of compatible panels can be found on our home page.

You can use this module check tool to verify that your cellular module is unregistered and available for Alarm.com service.


I have a 2GIG Go!Control Panel and a 2 ADC-V722W Cameras.

Happy to help! This page goes over everything that may be needed to get started with the 2GIG Go!Control.

All service is purchased on our website. You can purchase service here. After the purchase you will be directed to an order information survey which will collect the necessary details for your new service account. Once your order is processed by our team you would receive a Welcome email with your initial login instructions and account details.

The Alarm.com Cloud Video Service add-on would be needed if you have video cameras you wish to use. This can be selected during the service purchase.

The Cloud-Video option (Said it was Optional), is it still necessary/.?
And the $5/month is also for 4 cameras, but I only have 2… any way to get it half price may be?

Cloud video service is set up in levels by Alarm.com. The first service level allows for up to 4 cameras and 1000 clips/month. The individual levels themselves cannot have their included features altered.

Cloud Video is an optional add-on. There is no need for it if you do not intend to use Alarm.com video cameras. If you do want to use Alarm.com video cameras, Cloud Video service is required.

So I presume, since it will be Useless to have a Camera without Video “capability”, the Cloud Video would be pretty much Required as indicated,
Though, Would The Cloud Video Service only offer Cloud/Storage of those 1000 clips/month or if not used, can the Camera be accessible for a Live Feed only, without the requirement to use the Cloud for the 1000 clips/month ?

The Cloud Video add-on is required for access to Alarm.com cameras.

If you do not intend to use Alarm.com cameras it is not needed.

If you do intend to use Alarm.com cameras, Cloud Video service is required to link the cameras to your account for any access, including live streaming to the ADC website and app.