What are the differences between the various Alarm.com Smart Thermostats?

There are various differences between the ADC-T2000, ADC-T3000, and ADC-T40K-HD Smart Thermostats including the design, compatible features, user settings, and advanced settings.

Feature ADC-T2000 ADC-T3000 ADC-T40K-HD
Battery-Powered Option
Extended Battery Life
Alarm.com Places
Extreme Temps
Temp Presets
HVAC Analytics
Energy Star-certified N/A
Works with Alarm.com Temperature Sensor
Remote Control / Configuration
Broad HVAC Compatibility
Enhanced User Interface
Local Install/Configuration Wizard
Auto-Detects HVAC System Wiring
Display Target and Ambient Temps Simultaneously
Local Fan Control
Support for Ventilation Systems (HRV, ERV, Air Baffle)
Support for Humidity Control Systems with Local Display and Control
Wakes on Approach (only on common wire systems)
HD Touch Screen Control
Local Schedule (When not on Network)