What Added Benefits does Qolsys Give?

I am a current subscriber and already have the regular control panel.

I was curious what added benefits does Qolsys give?

I know it has Cell and Wifi. Does that mean the Alarm.com app will be able to communicate over WiFi instead of right now it seems to go from App - Alarm.com - 2GIG box - Lights … .which means light turning on off can take quite a bit of time.

Also it has bluetooth … so will it interact with the Kwikset - Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt

Also curious if it works with NEST? I prefer there smoke detectors by far.

Phillips Hue Light?

Logitech Harmony Home Control? (http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Harmony-Home-Control-Devices/dp/B00N3RFC4G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429744343&sr=8-1&keywords=logitech+home+remote)

its a lot of money but worth the upgrade if it allows more integration points. The alarm features with the current system are superior to what else is out there. But some of th extras aren’t there that are in other systems hence why i’d like the upgrade.

thanks :slight_smile:

I can’t think of any huge benefits Qolsys currently offers over 2GIG. The setup and user interface are better than 2GIG but if you already have a 2GIG panel that’s no reason to switch.

Qolsys comes with more stuff included so if you’re choosing between the 2 you would have to buy some 2GIG add-ons to get the same stuff you get with Qolsys. For example, Qolsys has Alarm.com dual path (to speed things up) included but you have to buy a Go!Bridge to get that with 2GIG. Qolsys supports the Alarm.com image sensor and secondary touch screens out of the box but with 2GIG you have to buy a transceiver. Qolsys has a built-in camera to record who disarms the panel, 2GIG doesn’t.

Neither currently work with Nest or Kevo. Both work with the new Alarm.com thermostat which gives Nest a run for it’s money.

I think the most exciting thing about Qolsys is that it’s built on Android, a more powerful operating system, and has more potential for upgrades and software add-ons.

But 2GIG is about to start beta testing it’s long anticipated GC3 so watch out for that. Who knows, they might leap frog Qolsys.

To be fair Alarm.com does NOT give NEST a run for its money at all.

Heck even the automatic adjusting my temp when i leave never seems to work.

And not even just the web … just the item the NEST is just designed much better and simply from a user perspective. the UI on the current thermostat that i got with Surety looks like an engineer designed it in 1995

But yea i will wait i guess for the GC3 see if that can then. Just right now it sucks that none of these items work with other 3rd party devices. Not that ya’ll can control it you don’t make the hardware just an annoyance in the industry right now everyone wants there own Fiefdoms.

With GoBridge is it appreciably faster? Cause thats probably my only real big complaint with the lights. ITs like “and turn on the backyard lights” … wait for it … wait for it … The idiot designed my house in order to turn on all my back yard lights you have to flip a switch in the master bedroom, living room, and garage :slight_smile:

I’m referring to the new Alarm.com thermostat. Nest is trendy looking and I like it but many I’ve talked to say the new ADC thermostat has a less flashy and more classy look. It won’t look goofy on your wall 3-5 years from now. It’s just being launched now so we’ll have to see how it performs.

Alarm.com Thermostat



Yes, the Go!Bridge makes remote control and cloud based automation much, much faster than using cellular alone. At my house commands usually take about 1 second. Cellular is more reliable in terms of up-time for alarm signals but broadband is a lot faster (lower latency).

We now have the Alarm.com Smart Thermostat (ADC-T2000), which Ryan referred to as working with both 2GIG and Qolsys, available here.