Wellness PERS Options

I’ve got an existing 2GIG system for my home with support and CSM through SuretyCAM that I’m very happy with. My in-laws are building a new home, and they are moving their parents in with them as well. Their parents are currently in assisted living, where they have PERS monitors and immediate response for incidents like falls and other emergencies. They still want the peace of mind of these services being available, while also having the peace of mind of basic security and automation capabilities as well. I know wellness is available at a $5/mo addon that aligns with this type of need, but there isn’t a lot of documentation about what PERS devices are compatible, how they work in the real world. I’m thinking a panic button pendant, when it’s pressed, does it alert anyone you have configured for alerting, then falls back to the CSM? Does it immediately go to the CSM for dispatch, etc. Both devices, and how it works in emergencies is helpful.

Also, just due to the layout of their new home, my in-laws will likely have their primary panel in their basement near their utility closet with the rest of the controls for the house, so I may run a cellular antenna through the tube that runs to their attic for better reception. However, their elderly parents will be on the main floor for mobility purposes. I’m thinking a TS1 panel upstairs is a must, but does it communicate bidirectionally with a CSM as well as the primary panel? I’ve never run into the scenario in my home, so I’m not sure. If only one is capable, it may make my decision easier on which panel goes where.

Is there any date on when the new panels will be released? I’m needing the new panel in the next month or so either way, just interested if they could get the latest model or not.

I do not think the GC3 would be available that soon, given it hasn’t been given a release date yet.

Regarding Panic Pendants: your system and our monitoring will react based on programming and special instructions. Panic pendants are pretty simple, here is the 2GIG one.

They can be programmed as either a burglary panic or a medical emergency button. Notifications in Alarm.com can alert any individuals you choose through the standard notification process. Central Station Operators also respond, contacting emergency dispatch/contact list.

Alarm.com Wellness goes a fair bit beyond that. It offers a non-reactive method of assistance, giving the users insight into the well-being of the individual through occupancy tracking/safety sensors/activity levels.

I would strongly advise against placing a control panel in the basement. The cell radio is not the only one you need to take into consideration. Sensor signals/secondary panel signal, etc.

More or less central placement of the control panel is optimal.

A TS1 produces no direct signals to the central station, it does not communicate with anything other than the main control panel.