Way to control Duplex Receptacle?

I have some of these GE Duplex Receptacles in my house with lights plugged into them. Is there a way I can control these from within my house (without having to go to the panel every time or use the app)? Like can I set up a light switch of sorts in that room that can send a signal to turn the receptacle on and off?

I believe that might be directly possible if there is a compatible “transmitter” switch. (These are how 3-way switches are commonly handled with Zwave lighting products.) One switch is essentially a powered dummy switch which is wirelessly associated with the second, Zwave enabled switch.

Another option which would not require use of an AC line, would be to slap a DW10 Door/Window programmed as a non-reporting sensor contact in a gang box, wire its loop 1 hardwired input to a $0.99 toggle switch, and create an automation rule which turns on and off the Zwave outlet based on that sensor’s status. (I do this at my own home with a downstairs light and a rigged switch in my bedroom. Costs about 30 dollars and as many minutes)

If you wanted to get fancy with a second Zwave controller like a Vera, the options expand.

so if i was to get a switch like this:


i could somehow program it to control the receptacle?

The receptacle you linked to is a 12721 while the add-on switch says “The Jasco Z-Wave Auxiliary switch is for use with model numbers 12722, 12724, 12730.” I’m not saying it won’t work but I would check on that first. I have only used the Evolve/Linear 3-way Z-Wave switches that work wirelessly like this so I don’t have first hand experience doing it with a GE add-on auxiliary switch.