Water Valve Not Closing

I have an alarm.com ADC-SWM150 smart valve installed. The quarterly smart valve test popped on the app this weekend and upon attempting to perform it I had problems getting the valve close command to work from the alarm.com app. The valve will close when manually trigger from the box on the smart valve controller, the app will even open the valve back up. Also you can open and close the valve directly from the alarm panel with no issues either. So I am not thinking its a zwave problem since it will open and close the valve at the panel with no issues.

How many remote close commands did you try and how soon after the open were they sent?

Did the close always fail or fail most/some of the time?

Did you power cycle the device?

Tried power cycling the unit, and the panel. The close commands were sent from 1 minute apart to 5 minutes apart, none worked. The local panel always works, the open command from the app always works. Its just the close command from the app that never works.

In this case I would recommend relearning that device in the network to see if it can sync with commands after.

  • Put the panel in exclusion mode (Remove device process can be found here)
  • Press the Network button on the side of the Smart Water Valve+Meter control unit to begin the remove process. The Network LED on the control unit will begin flashing.
  • The Network LED will turn off if the removal process is successful. If the Network LED is still illuminated after the removal process, repeat steps 1 and 2.
  • Wait 10 minutes, then relearn the device.