Water Shut-off ++

Wondering if EcoNet Controls products are compatible with the 2gig panel?

Especially the valve closer: http://goo.gl/7jxGz7

A lot cheaper than other alternatives.

This has not been tested through Alarm.com and is not on the compatibility list. The price difference is indeed substantial though.

I have an email from the manufacturers of the device.

"Our EBV105 pairs as a Z-Wave “binary switch”. As far as I can tell, the EBV105 is compatible with the 2Gig controller and Alarm.com but you may have to have your integrator add/configure the units in you system. (Alarm.com is testing the EBV105 and they tell me it is compatible with 2gig/Alarm.com)"

I think what he means by ‘having your integrator configure the unit’ is possibly having the water management option on one’s account. I think I’m going to grab one of these.

Sounds promising. Water Management is included with Gold Interactive.

Currently the only two fully tested ones are the Water Cop and Fortrezz I believe. This one is definitely a good value if it holds up.

If you try it out, please let us know how it goes.

I will. Hopefully the first week in December.

I am now trying to connect the EBV105 to a 2GIG panel without success. Any tips?

As detail, this is for the EcoNet Controls EBV105-UMK Z-Wave Water Valve. The 2GIG panel is 2GIG-CP21-345E. We have Gold Interactive. I am trying to connect it using “Add Device” from the 2GIG panel itself, but nothing seems to be found. Any suggestions?

It is good to always use the “Remove Device” function first. Z-wave devices link to a parent network whenever added to one and the Remove process must be done before adding it to another. Even if new, they may have been added to a test network for QC.

Press Remove Device on your panel, then press the learn button on your Z-wave device. Your panel will indicate that a node from a different network was removed.

Thanks for the tip. The problem remains. The EcoNet device is not seen when trying the Remove Device function, nor the Add Device function. I am using the latest firmware for the 2GIG-CP21-345E panel. As instructed by EcoNet, I press the EBV105 power button three times rapidly (within 1.5 seconds) and keep it within three feet of the 2GIG controller. Anything else to try before giving up? The EBV105 is noted as Z-wave compatible.

Great news: I now have the EcoNet water valve control working with the 2GIG panel (GC2).

Tip: to connect the EcoNet EBV105 as a Z-Wave device, it took a bit of patience and several tries, reseting and un-pairing fully after each fail. It turned out to be important to have the EcoNet very close to the 2GIG panel, and then once Add Device is selected on the 2GIG panel, to press the EcoNet power button three times very very very fast, in order to put it in pairing mode.

It now operates as a binary switch, able to open and close the valve. Next step is to add some water sensors then create rule(s) to turn off the water valve when a leak is detected. Others have done this before successfully, so hopefully this next bit is smooth sailing.

Unless the device only learns in using NWI (and you have a controller to support this) proximity to the controller is very very important to make sure everything goes well when dealing with Z-wave. This page goes over general instructions for Z-wave.

Glad to hear you’ve got it working!

Others have done this before successfully, so hopefully this next bit is smooth sailing.

Adding a sensor like the RE219 is pretty straightforward. After you would use Alarm.com rules to control the valve.