Water sensor types

I’m contemplating water sensors to install by the hot water heater, in the sump pit, by the washing machine, and under sink pipes. I’ve identified four candidates I thought may be compatible with IQ Panel 2+ (345 MHz legacy support):

  • DSC PG9985: probe, 6 foot cable, transmitter

  • 2GIG-FT1-345: probe with cable and transmitter

  • 2GIG FT6-345: compact 2" disk, transmitter and sensor combined.

  • Honeywell 5800FLOOD: a larger 4" rectangular structure with combined transmitter and sensor.

From aesthetics and function, it seems the compact 2Gig water leak sensor is ostensibly appealing for everything except the sump pit and perhaps the hot water heater, where I can see a sensor on a cable would be most appropriate. But on the iq panel compatibility chart, only the power g water sensor seems to be listed. So two questions:

  1. Are there any recommendable IQ Panel 2+ compatible water leak sensors that are of the compact form like the 2GIG FT6-345 (if indeed that one is not compatible with the 345 MHz daughter card version)? I’m guessing from other posts Z-wave water sensors are not going to work either? I just think having a 6 foot cable coiled in an under-sink cabinet is a senseless waste of space.

  2. In case there are compatible alternatives, would a particular water sensor architecture be recommended over the others in terms of reliability? In other words, other than the obvious difference of mounting options, is there a difference in function between the 2Gig FT1-345 and 2Gig FT6-345? I’m leaving aside the question of temperature monitoring, which I know are built into some of the water sensors.

Thanks much for your thoughts!

I’m guessing from other posts Z-wave water sensors are not going to work either?

Correct, Z-wave sensors are not compatible.

The 2GIG FT6-345 is not found on the officially supported sensors list, however those are specifically sensors that have been tested by Qolsys. In general 345Mhz sensors should work fine.

The 2GIG FT6-345 is ideal for placement under the leak source, as it can also detect leaks just as they start, rather than only after the water begins to puddle. It would generally be the best option under pipes/sinks. I’m not aware of other options exactly like this model.

The Honeywell 5821 is listed on the compatible sensors list as another option.

I would generally recommend going Power G except maybe under pipes where the FT6 is best suited.

Thanks for your thoughts! One followup questions as I now contemplate the actual installation of the DSC PG9985. The instructions indicate the sensor should be screwed into a wall or floor.

I’m sure this wouldn’t pass UL muster, but do you see any functional concerns with just letting the sensor rest, unsecured, in the pan of a hot water heater, or dangling part way down a sump pit? I would secure the transmitter to the wall with screws, or to the hot water heater with adhesive (since there is no wall nearby).

Or do you know of solutions for securing the water sensor for these kinds of applications?

Thanks for any suggestions!

For more rugged application I would generally try 3M Extreme Mounting tapes, made for outdoor harsh environments. These should let you secure the probe rather than just have it rest and possibly get disturbed/accidentally moved.

Thanks – I should have thought of that!