Water Sensor Recommendation

I have a Honeywell RWD41 standalone water alarm - it looks like this:


The reason I like it is that there is a four foot sensing cable - if water is detected anywhere along that cable, it goes off. Its great for looping around the base of a hot water tank, or I use it on the perimeter of my washer machine and refrigerator.

Is anyone aware of a 2gig compatible sensor that is similar? I haven’t found such a sensor for any alarm system, but its super useful.

If you can find a water sensor cable with a normally closed contact output you can wire it to the normally closed input of an 2GIG-DW10-345 or an RE201 to get it working with 2GIG.

I don’t know of a low cost water sensor cable like the RWD41 off the top of my head that has a normally closed contact output. Anyone else know?

I did run across this discussion of how to hack an RWD41 to give it a normally closed output but you’ll have to be fairly good with electronics to pull it off.