Water Flow sensor on Qolsys panel


I had a security expert come out and hardwire everything to the Hardwire 16 boxes. We got everything programmed and figured out.

He installed a water flow sensor for the sprinkler system and wasn’t sure how to provision it in the IQ2 panel. We called Qolsys, and they said to set it as a door/window sensor, and list as sensor group 8 to get it to work correctly. However, they said we need to inform the security monitoring station that the sensor “Water Flow” is a sprinkler sensor. Is that something you guys mark down on your end with the monitoring service? Do I need to call them directly?

Thanks for the help on this!

Happy to help!

To clarify, is this for a commercial fire suppression sprinkler system and do you intend for this to be a fire detection zone?

When updating zones through Central Station, you can submit your request to customerservice@suretyDIY.com and our team will update your central station account. When making changes/updates you’ll want to include your Verbal Admin Passcode in the email, for account verification purposes or alternatively, you can submit the request via our Secure Message Tool.

It’s for a residential fire sprinkler system that is required by code.

From my understanding from the security guy, there is a relay hooked up to a flapper inside the water line where if the water starts flowing, it sends a signal to the alarm to let it know that water is flowing, hence there was enough heat or fire to start the fire sprinkler system. It’s something he does and is supported by Honeywell security systems.

Talking to qolsys tech support, it sounds like they are working on a firmware update for the IQ2 to support this type of alarm, but currently to make it work right, they said to set it as a door/window sensor and group 8. They said we just have to let the monitoring service know that the sensor is for water flow/fire.

I emailed customer service and they posted this here. I was thinking they would just have notified the monitoring station. Let me know what you think. Thanks

This was likely placed on the forum for technical assistance because GE sensor Group 8 is an intrusion/burglary zone type and doesn’t make sense in this case. This may come from the fact that Life Safety devices like fire detection sensors are not intended to be used through the Hardwire 16. Technically I do not believe it is UL listed for that function.

We just want to ensure this is set up in the best way. We will inform the CS to handle the zone appropriately.

To verify: do you wish for this zone to be treated as a fire response zone, handled the same as a smoke detector?

We will explore if there are better solutions regarding programming and follow up with any findings.

Yes, if we could treat that sensor as fire response, that’s what I am looking to do.

We originally listed the sensor as fire, but it malfunctioned because qolsys stated that it’s looking for a wireless smoke detector.

If there is a more appropriate way to provision it than what qolsys suggested, please let me know and I can get it changed.

Thanks for the help!

We will update your central station account accordingly. You should receive an email from customer service confirming when this is done.

I found this thread many years later because I’m also trying to setup a flow switch (for fire sprinklers) with the alarm system. I emailed support@surety and the latest recommendation is to set it up as a Smoke Detector with sensor group 26 so it’d trigger the fire alarm.

Posting it here in case others find this in the future.

Looks like you may be referencing the Hardwire PowerG. The thread above is referencing a Hardwire 16, the IQ S-Line hardwire translator.

The Hardwire PowerG supports fire zones, but the IQ Hardwire 16F only supports 2-wire smoke detectors on one physical zone, and earlier models did not support fire devices, so some of the info here is model specific.

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