Water energy management feature

I noticed that there is a section in the apps and on the site for the empower energy monitoring for water, is there a sensor available or is this a coming soon thing. I did not see anything on adc mentioning it. I’m loving the power monitor feature, never knew some of the lights I have in my house use that much power. Yuck, led time for sure.

Water valve control is a new Alarm.com feature that was recently rolled out. I haven’t had a chance to install one yet and they haven’t released a lot of info about it but as I understand it ADC supports the Fortrezz & Water Cop valve.



Sump pump monitoring support is coming soon but currently it’s in beta testing and only works with the GE/Interlogix panels, not 2GIG or Qolsys. I assume 2GIG and Qolsys will be supported with upcoming firmware updates.

I see that alarm.com now offers the ability to auto shutoff water in your home. http://www.alarm.com/about/press/PressGeneric.aspx?cmid=230 I was looking for something that works with my 2GIG system. It seems it’s Wave controlled? (Does that sound right). Do you sell a product like this that I could add inline with my plumbing.

We do not directly sell these at the moment, but the compatible options are the Fortrezz WV-01, and the Water Cop Valve.

Yes, they are Z-wave devices. Water Management is an included feature with Gold Interactive as shown here.