Want motion detector to not cause dispatch

I am having an issue with the motion alarm. I do not want the alarm to go off or for police to called when motion is detected.
I am about to change the programming on that unit to be zone 23. Do I need to do anything else?

Changing to type 23 no response type will make it so that zone can no longer cause an alarm scenario, correct.

You can monitor that zone type with Alarm.com sensor activity notifications. What troubleshooting have you tried so far?

Zones 23 will not alarm panel or result in Central Station response.

Another option if you want the PIR motion to function properly and normally (but just not dial out, or potentially result in a police dispatch), is just to disable the sensor reporting.

Change the PIR Motion Report from (1) enabled, to (0) disabled.

Another option is to enable cross zoning. Which means two motions would need to activate within a set period of time in order to activate alarms, if only one activates it will display as a trouble on panel.