Walk Test Glitch with Smoke Detector

System installed: Go!Control Panel, SMKT3-345 Smoke/Heat, plus other door and motion sensors, plus a water/heat environmental sensor in the basement.

When the test button on the smoke detector is pushed during the Walk Test, the Go!Control panel annunciates with chime/voice, but that result is NOT displayed in the on-screen report for that detector. In the same test sequence, the sensor trigger and signal strength data for all other sensros DOES show up in the on-screen report when those sensors are triggered. Is this normal operation? I could find nothing in the documentation that indicated that the SMKT3-345 should function any differently than all the other sensors do for the Walk Test

How long did you press the button on the 2GIG smoke detector? If you don’t hold it down for a full 30 seconds, it will not show as registering during test mode. You’ll likely encounter beeping noise from the detector prior to that time having elapsed. Does the detector show as recognized when you tamper the base of the unit?

I just ran the Walk Test again, holding the Test button for 30 seconds, and this time the control panel displayed the registration and signal strength data as it had previously done for all the other sensors. Note that in the prior Walk Tests, the detector beeped AND the panel annunciated when the button was held for only 5 seconds, it just didn’t fully register with the data.

Yes, the detector was recognized when tampered. The panel displayed a “tamper” message, but still didn’t display data when the Test button was pushed for 5 seconds during the prior Walk Tests.

Nowhere in the documentation does it say to push the Test button on a smoke detector for 30 seconds. “4 seconds” is specified under “Programming”, and “5 seconds” is specified in the “Testing” section, but there is no reference to 30 seconds. Obviously that information needs to be added to your installation and testing instructions.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you got it working. 2GIG’s smoke detectors have always required us to hold down the button for 30 seconds to register in walk test mode. I never noticed that it’s not in 2GIG’s instructions. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over what 2GIG prints in their instruction manual but we’ll pass the feedback on to them. I’ll put in a request for our team to make a tutorial video showing how to walk test the smoke detectors as well.

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