Voice vs. Chimes

In my security menu I have a checkbox for “chime” and “voice”. However I can’t tell what disabling “voice” does. For example, when “chime” is enabled and my door is opened I hear “FRONT DOOR”. I still hear this even if I uncheck “voice”. In the RF sensor chime question this sensor is set to “(1): Voice only”.

Is there a way to have the “voice” checkbox disable voice announcements like this, but leave the “chime” control separate? (We also have a doorbell, and I would like to disable the voice announcements but leave the doorbell active)


The “chime” checkbox determines whether the panel will announce when a sensor is opened or closed. Whether that chime is a voice announcement, chime sound or ding dong is programmed on a per sensor basis by going to security -> menu -> toolbox -> chime setup.

The “voice” checkbox determines whether the panel will announce system events such as when the system is armed or disarmed.

It sounds like what you would want to do is go to security -> menu -> toolbox -> chime setup and disable chimes for all the sensors except your doorbell. Then leave the “chime” checkbox enabled. Does that accomplish what you’re looking for?

Thanks Ryan. That does answer my question. It doesn’t exactly accomplish what I’m looking for but helps me understand the constraints.

What I think I can’t do is enable/disable sensor announcements dynamically if I want the door bell on all the time. For example, when I go on business trips my wife likes to enable sensor announcements for extra peace of mind. But when I’m home we turn them off. It sounds like I would need to change the config for each sensor every time to do this.

You are correct. At the moment, you would have to change the chime configuration for each sensor whenever you leave and come back from a business trip. However, I’ll put in a feature request with Alarm.com to allow the sensor chime to be adjusted via the customer site.

Thanks Jay, appreciated. The business trip thing is only one of many examples of why I think the doorbell chime should be decoupled from sensor announcements.


Glad I found this post before starting a new topic. I had the exact same question. All of my door sensors are set to voice only. I had turned off chime from the main settings and was wondering why the doors weren’t being announced open. I knew it was set correctly since they would be called out in the walk test. Thanks again for a great support forum.

“Chime” is whatever you set the panel for on sensors…either ‘ding dong’ or for ex, ‘front door’

“Voice” is the panel commands… ‘Exit now’, or ‘panel armed stay’ for example

Individual zones can be enabled/disabled for chime function, so say motion detectors are enabled, every time motion is detected programmed descriptor will annunciate, regardless of arming status…‘first floor motion detector’…if chime disabled (00), then it does not annunciate unless activated in alarm event, or walk test