Voice Skipping After Firware Upgrade

For some reason I remember that there is a specific way to power up the GC3 panel to fix the voice skipping issue. Don’t think I had to do that with the firmware update before the most recent. Issue is back after the 3.1.0 firmware upgrade. Any ideas?


The steps would be the same as any other power cycle:

Unplug power supply, unplug battery, wait 30 seconds or so, then plug in battery, then plug in power supply.

Does this resolve the issue?

Sorry it took me so long to respond but it did not fix the problem. Is anyone else having issues with sound after the firmware update?

Im also having this problem with my GC3. was happening even before the firmware update for me, though.

Is the behavior predictable enough to record a short example? Or is it entirely random?

Very predictable on my end. Happens 99% of the time.

Could you record an example so that we can provide it to 2GIG?

So yesterday after reading this thread I decides to take the voice readout of the doors and change them to a ding dong. So I didn’t have to listen to the stutter( skipping).

This morning, I went to go try and record a clip and I cannot for the life of me get it to skip again. Like the OP, this was a 99% sure thing it would do it.

Even after changing back to announcing with voice, I still cannot replicate what it was doing.

I will try again later this evening.

Interesting, and possibly an accidental fix (temporary or not).

I haven’t been able to reproduce a consistent stutter on mine, we’ll look through and try matching as many settings and zone names as possible to see if we can confirm the same reaction.

Finally got it to skip again.

Here you go. Let me know what 2gig thinks.

Here’s the link.

Ahh, great thank you. This momentary audio loss in the clip I do hear somewhat often on test GC3 panels. I would say it impacts 25% of the time and is intermittent, based on our interactions with panels, but it may affect certain words/types of announcement differently. A lot of panels come through here and we do not notice it after a while.

This likely has to do with the speaker driver, power, or interference during wireless communication. Oddly I just tested the same way you just did and I don’t think I have ever heard it affect the arming announcement, just the disarm one.

Nevertheless I will forward this on to 2GIG as an example and see if this is something that might be in the works as a firmware fix or if it is hardware-specific.

My 2gig is set to speak the sensors, I think just the doors, so Back door, front door, garage door. Does it on just about every time. I am usually not near the panel during arming. We usually arm through the app or Alexa.

Any news on this ?

We’ve reported this concern to 2GIG for review. Changes addressing this issue would likely be found in a standard firmware update, and we would not unfortunately have that information until it is released typically. You can subscribe to this thread for details on newly released firmware when it drops.